Crank was born from the intersection of two passions; cycling and design. The idea for these wallets wouldn't have come to fruition if we were not cycling enthusiasts at heart. We believe our wallets will bring you a taste of both worlds, providing a practical desgin combined with the spirit of cycling. In keeping with the spirit of cycling we've included a few links that we hope you find interesting and inspirational.

Fixie - a documentary on fixed gear riding we made with the help of a local Bay Area Masher.

It's our mission. Here are a few links we think you'll find relevant to the cause.

Bay Area biking resources. Route calculators to free local bike maintence courses. We- hope these refereces enhance your cycling wisdom.

(Bay Area Ride List)
(Join our cycling group)

If you're a cyclist you may already know of these rides. If you're not then these rides will make you realize why it's great to be a cyclist in Northern California. These are official bay area rides (mostly centuries) that we've done and recommend.

If you love riding now you roll with us. Find out when we're riding next and jump into the peleton.