Very simply put Crank is about sustainability. We're living in an age when people still don't fully consider their impact and it's Crank's vision to create change. Our idea is to disrupt the way people think about consumption.

Crank offers creative designs that seek to find more sustainable ways to live. Crank was founded in late 2007 when we realized the potential for reusing materials that are discarded without thought. In the process we created an innovative product with an authentic design at a lower cost.

Our mission is simple, take materials we normally consider waste and create useful products.

Our business began when we started recycling rubber by collecting used inner tubes from local Bay Area bike shops. We started off turning these inner tubes into wallets which quickly led to an array of products including athletes wallets and laptop bogs. Next time you get a flat there's a good chance you'll be helping to create one of our products. As our business has developed we've looked to keep other materials out of the dump. Our most recent effort is turning used bottles into sleek and design savvy cradles for Apple products, phones & media devices.

Sustainability is important, but so is design. We work hard to create products that look good and function with skill. Each product is unique and hand made. Our used rubber products are designed by selecting choice cuts of inner tube and sewn with a cyclists eye for style. Our cradles are designed to blend into your desktop and function as a stand for your phone or media player.

We also value local labor so our products are hand crafted by San Francisco based seamstresses. Although we don't claim that our materials come from an organically grown rubber tree we do believe that keeping these hard materials out of the land fill is a good start.

We sell locally at a variety of venues in San Francisco and hope to extend our reach to reduce waste wherever cyclists may ride.

Our wallet design is a finalist at Instructables and we've posted the blueprints in case you want to create a wallet from scratch. (Learn how to create your own Crank wallet here.)