Birds Eye View
The pocket that will hold your bills is created from two choice sections of innertube. The rubber is thin and maleable so it folds well. Our minimalist design takes advantage of the thin material seeking to reduce the bulge in your back pocket.
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A Peek Inside

The rubber is engineered to utilize four pockets that each hold your cards snuggly in place. It's strong and durable; it's difficult to rip or tear and we guarantee it will maintain it's color and integrity.

The wallet has five pockets; four of the pockets hold credit cards and the fifth is made for bills.

wallet dimensions: 8.5" x ≈3.5"

pocket dimensions: 3.5" x 1.75"

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Under the Microscope
We use stitching that bonds the rubber in place with as few seams as possible. This provides a clean aesthetic and a product that is both strong and thin.
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Instructions for production

We recently shared our design with Instructables where it was awarded as a finalist in a sustainabilty competition. We've posted the design with in-depth steps to reproduce a wallet. Don't take our word, give it a go.
(visit our Instructable & build one yourself)