Put on your helmet, we're about to throw a stick in your spokes.


Ultimately the idea behind Crank is doing good. Yes, we work hard to design highly functioning and aesthetically pleasing products using sustainable materials, but we want more. We want to find the most impactful way to acknowledge that we live on a planet with limited resources and have the ability to change the way we consume.

Equally as important is our desire to find partnerships aligned with our interest in doing good. One of our goals is to work together with non-profits and other organizations to raise money and promote more sustatinable, cradle to cradle solutions of doing business.

We want to creatie innovative products that help reduce our nation's eco-footprint. We hope to establish a two way relationship with bike shops around the country. The goal would be to establish a network of bike shops and production houses so we can harvest recycled innertubes, create useful prodcuts and then allow bike shops to sell these converted materials back to their customers. We'd love to hear from you if you have similar aspirations.


Inner Tube Wallets

Athletic Wallets

Inner Tube Laptop Bag

The Innertube Line: Wallets and Cases

Crank wallets & bags are hand crafted from 100% recycled inner tubes. The rubber is durable and water proof, but it also has a silky feel. We're avid cyclists who live in a world where weight is always top of mind so Crank products strive to be the thinnest & lightest in class. Our philosophy is one of function and form. We let the lines and images embedded on the innertube do the talking. The result is a design that is clean and simple.

The consistency of the rubber has proven to be a key advantage of our inner tube wallet. It creates the foundation for a resilient product that won't tear, stain or soak. It's also nice to have a thin material that doesn't bulk up your pockets or bag.

Crank Wallets are pure design. They are built like a buffalo. They stand strong, last forever and are soft to the touch. Unlike a buffalo a Crank wallet will fit neatly into your pocket.

Our laptop bags are our newest product. They are designed to protect a laptop from bumps and scratches as it is transported from place to place.

We have additional product prototypes in development to expand our line and make use of the large quantities of inner tubes we are stockpiling.



Plastics: Media Dock


Crank cradles are sculpted from used plastic sparkling water bottles. The idea came after realizing that the natural shape of the bottle was a perfect fit for media players like the iPhone and iPod. The design was persued because the transparent and bubbly properties of the container make the cradle appealing and virtually invisible when set up on your desk.

The plastic is shaped in a fashion that reduces sharp edges. The curves of the bottle mesh well with the contour of phones or media players. It is designed to function as both a stand and a docking station to charge your device and will support it when it is both plugged in and unplugged.